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It is no surprise at this point that our nation, as well as our state, is feeling the effects of the coronavirus. The administrative team at JCD has been diligently working on plans to subside the virus. The maintenance and custodial staff have also been working on measures to disinfect and sanitize both buildings every night. Our bus drivers are taking great care as they are wiping down every seat twice a day.

As Governor Holcomb came out with a statement on March 12, 2020, all activities involving 250 or more participants are to no longer exist. This includes many activities in both buildings. It is still early for us to understand the magnitude of the virus, but we must start preparing for all events. After discussion with the Ripley County Health Official, Dr. Welsh, he immediately recommended that we cancel our band trip to Orlando, FL. As of yesterday, Disney declared they were closing, making the decision a little lighter.

However, as most of you are aware, we still have Title/PTO nights, senior trip, prom, and graduation. All of these events will be guided and directed by Dr. Welsh and our Indiana State Department of Health. We are looking to make this decision as soon as possible if we can hold them or if we have to cancel. In fact, I have a consultation later today with Dr. Welsh and will communicate with letters on our website and through our Facebook account.

This is new to everyone. Changes may be abrupt. There is potential the school could close at some point and we will not know when this may happen. Again, these decisions are out of the hands of the JCD School Board of Education and administration. Dr. Welsh and/or the Indiana State Dept. of Health will tell us when to close and for how long.

The administrative staff will continue to work diligently to be open and communicate as soon as the information is provided. We want to thank you for your continued support through this very difficult time.

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