District Supporters

This page provides information about local organizations that that provide grants and other financial support to Jac-Cen-Del.  Please click here for information about the Ripley County Community Foundation.

Reynolds Foundation

Gilmore and Golda Reynolds were long time residents of Osgood. After their deaths, Osgood residents were shocked to learn that 23 million dollars had been left to the town. Using this money, the Reynolds Foundation was established. This foundation gives out more than a million dollars in grants a year, some of which have gone to Jac-Cen-Del.

Rising Sun Community Foundation

The Rising Sun Regional Foundation is a product of the recent addition of the Hyatt Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino in Rising Sun. For every casino admission, one dollar goes to the foundation. In the first 2 years of operation, the casino provided over 1.5 million dollars to Dearborn, Ripley, and Switzerland Counties, enabling the establishment of community foundations. Jac-Cen-Del has received many grants from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation.

Jac-Cen-Del Community Scholarship Foundation

JCD Scholarship fund is an organization that gives out scholarships to graduating students of Jac-Cen-Del High School. The first scholarship was awarded in the Spring of 1989 after its inception in the fall of 1988. The money that is awarded comes from donations and from fundraisers put on by the organization. Students' applications for the scholarships are scored on a point system based on these 4 areas:
  • Class Rank
  • GPA
  • Participation in School Activities
  • Participation in Community Activities

A committee then views the applications and awards scholarships based on the points earned.

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