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School Closing

school_closing School is Closing
JCD Administration has been faced with a very difficult decision. For the second straight weekend, the administration has been contact-tracing numerous students and faculty/staff for COVID-19. As of yesterday, Sunday, November, 1, 2020 our number of quarantined/isolated cases continue to increase. As of this morning, we sent a number of students and, yet, another teacher home. At this point, we can no longer fill the amount of subs that are needed throughout our days. In fact, some of the JCD administration has had to cover classes because our faculty absentee rate is too great.

We know that a shut-down causes undue stress for parents and homes, but JCD can no longer provide the proper level of academic learning with a large percentage of our teachers being quarantined/isolated. Starting tomorrow, November 3, 2020 we will begin e-learning which will continue until Friday, November 13, 2020. Teachers will be reaching out to students regarding their classwork.

All sports and extra-curricular activities will be shut-down as well during these two weeks. Again, we understand the impact this will make, but we have to make certain that our academics take a priority in our students' lives and with a decision to shut-down, we can assure that our buildings and grounds will continue to be thoroughly sanitized and the health of our students and faculty/staff will increase with a chance to quarantine and fend off COVID-19 symptoms.

If you believe that internet connectivity is a concern for your child/ren, please contact our IT department at (812) 689-4114 x2353 (Mr. Engleking - Jr./Sr. High) and (812) 689-4114 x3262 (Mrs. Patrick - elementary).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We sincerely hope we can lessen our quarantined/isolated cases upon our return and conduct our daily school routine on November 16, 2020.

Thank You,
JCD Administration

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Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Ryan Middleton
723 N. Buckeye St.
Osgood, IN 47037
Tel: (812) 689-4114
Fax: (812) 689-7423

HS Principal

Mr. Frederick Unsicker
4586 N. US 421
Osgood, IN 47037
Tel: (812) 689-4643
Fax: (812) 689-5632

Athletic Director & Transportation Co-Director

Mr. Brian Fehribach
4586 N. US 421
Osgood, IN 47037
Tel: (812) 689-4643
Fax: (812) 689-5632

Elementary Principal

Mr. Trent Whaley
4544 N US 421
Osgood, IN 47037
Tel: (812) 689-4144
Fax: (812) 689-5909